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 Nicole Minetti birthday - Photos

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PostSubject: Nicole Minetti birthday - Photos   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:03 pm

Party for almost a surprise that Nicole Minetti at Cafe Milano Just off 27 candles with his sister and his closest friends. Closed in a sober black coat, holding tightly with his hands, reveals only a small corner of the white of the dress party. What is an exclusive surprise for her guests? The shoes instead stand out. Yellow and blue patent leather with peep toe ankle strap.

Reaches the room to be alone and mentions a shy smile. Waiting for her, among others, his sister Angelica, expectant mothers, the cosmetic surgeon James urtis, Barbara Faggioli and his brother David, accompanied by girlfriend, the Hollywood actor starring in the TV series CSI, Gary Dourdan, and Regina Aparecida Sraiva, singer the Chiambretti Show.

Only thanks to the Twitter Faggioli we can admire the cake that celebrated Minetti is a pink dress with lots of heels and sunglasses in front of the Palazzo della Ragione. Around the statue of sugar labels of Nicole's favorite house. Only a written agreement between two candles, "Professsssional!!".
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Nicole Minetti birthday - Photos
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