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 The family of Mario Monti to the Villa Borghese - Photos

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PostSubject: The family of Mario Monti to the Villa Borghese - Photos   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:14 pm

A Year in the family for the Prime Minister Mario Monti, who this year has given up the traditional dinner in front of the fireplace in the mountain cabin with friends, preferring to remain in Rome to pursue economic emergency. Photographed by Chi magazine, the Monti family spent the first hours of 2012 at the Villa Borghese for a walk and a visit to the crib in St Peter's Square.

Here they are during the walk to Villa Borghese is the grandson Edward, Laura, the wife of his son John, his grandson in his arms to his father, Lorenzo Thomas Frova, Mrs. Elsa, his grandson John, the President Mario Monti, the daughter Federica, Lavinia his granddaughter in a stroller with her father, John, second son of Monti. After a walk through the park, the family has direct Mountains to the Vatican to see the nativity scene and a brief visit to the tomb of Pope John Paul II. Then the children of the head of government and their families have returned to England, while the president is back to work.
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The family of Mario Monti to the Villa Borghese - Photos
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