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 Fabrizio Corona politics with Renzi? It seems not

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PostSubject: Fabrizio Corona politics with Renzi? It seems not   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:17 pm

Good thing we thought the individual concerned or rather his spokesman to take away from the shock of knowing Fabrizio Corona with the idea of ​​an alliance with him and enter politics, it would be too much and the thought made ​​us boggle irreperabilmente, yesterday so Fabrizio Corona spoke of Renzi, of which at least in part, we also tend to agree:

Renzi is a very forward, like many people especially the young. I saw the photo on the cover of Max released a few days ago, is interesting but I would have used a stronger image. If it were me, the photographer, I photographed him naked, and behind him I would put something that represents a strong idea. If you asked me to work with him on his team I would gladly, I am very interested in politics.

Now here is what he thinks and responds Renzi in this regard:

With all the respect that you may have to Fabrizio Corona, we would like it to be peaceful. None of us asked him to take a picture, not even clothes. And more so nobody will ask you to do politics with us. For us politics is indeed a serious matter.

Bravo Renzi and luckily he remarked that politics is a serious thing or should be
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Fabrizio Corona politics with Renzi? It seems not
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