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 Nicole Minetti: "I have a family. And becoming a mother "

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PostSubject: Nicole Minetti: "I have a family. And becoming a mother "   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:23 pm

After the resignation of Mr Berlusconi has not answered me for ten days. Then I talked to my return to Italy and I told him that they are always near. So Nicole Minetti, Regional Councillor of Lombardy, told Diva and Donna of his relationship with former Prime Minister Berlusconi. Sparing no criticism for those who abandoned him: Those who have betrayed and voltaggabana Berlusconi is infamous. I will remain true in politics as in love. I know I owe him everything.

Berlusconi resigned when I was on holiday in New York, I learned from my father on the phone I cried my heart. Silvio is a mentor for me, I was sorry not to be his neighbor in that moment. But what do you think the regional councilor most talked of a possible ricandidatura of Italy Silvio Berlusconi in the next election? If he did win again. Also I would like ricandidarmi. Thinking Oh God, what will become of my future is sad, the President shows that we must be strong.

For me it was a tough year. I experienced periods of great depression, I would be hypocritical if I said I am happy: I feel very passive, without enthusiasm, I lost 5 pounds and I'm single. Right now I need to be alone. Even if you correct: I have so much spirit of revenge, vengeance, that all day regrowth back. When I will discharge (from the process that involves the alleged evenings with other girls at the residence of Arcore). And maybe then there will be time to think about the future: I have a family. If the right man came not expect much to become a mother. I like men, protective older. And the 'bad boys' who go to 200 kph on the highway.

Ah, but what are you doing Silvio Silvio Silvio women!
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Nicole Minetti: "I have a family. And becoming a mother "
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