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 Khamenei calls for the media silence on the great financial corruption scandal

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PostSubject: Khamenei calls for the media silence on the great financial corruption scandal   Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:24 pm

Student leader of the Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei, not to raise the issue of bank fraud in the recent media saying: "For people to know that we will follow the case and cut off the hands of those involved."

Khamenei said during a speech at a gathering of officials, on Monday: "the issue raised in the media, but you must put a stop to it so that the officials of the follow-up Alqdh carefully away from the noise."
Great corruption
He stated that the judiciary the task of providing information on developments in the scandal, which he described as "the great banking corruption."

The Iranian media announced on the detection of cases of embezzlement of about $ 3 billion of Iranian banks by a close associate of the Iranian government through the use of his influence with the officials.

Supported the elimination finally information on the matter, saying that implicated the president in this file Amir Mansour Arya and 22 others have been arrested and referred their case to the investigation, as President Ahmadinejad to change the heads of a number of major banks in the country, including Bank "Milli" and "exports" and "Saman" .

Khamenei criticized in his officials for not implementing the recommendations on the fight against economic corruption, saying: "If the officials had paid attention to the recommendations that we launched during the past years on the fight against economic corruption as we have seen this situation."

He asked the Iranian Republic's Supreme Leader: "Is it right that this issue occurs because of the lack of attention to those recommendations."

Khamenei warned against what he described as using the issue to attack the officials of the country, based on addressing the issue by saying "Do not be shown mercy of sinners and the terrorists and the corrupt."
Details of the case
The main accused in the scandal of embezzling about $ 3 billion of Iranian banks is the Prince Mansour Arya and was working in animal husbandry in early 2000 in northern Iran.

The establishment of about 40 companies in recent years by government influence, also bought a number of government companies and obtained the privilege of a number of government projects and sought to establish a private bank in the country.

Prince Mansour was arrested on charges of Arria obtain financial documents from one bank to the company's exports of iron smelting in Ahvaz, southern Iran, without paying a price and the sale of these documents at low prices to get them interested.

Reports suggest that Prince Mansour took over 3 billion dollars, and experts point out that this amount could be establishment of three private banks in Iran.

Against the backdrop of scandal Ahmadinejad sacked the heads of the Bank's "million" and "exports" and "Saman" and a number of their assistants.

After days of this development revealed the media about the escape of President of the Bank Melli, Mahmoud Reza Khaoré to Canada and published pictures of his property in the city of Toronto.

And threatened the Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Aaji Khaoré direct full responsibility for the case in the absence of his return to the country.

He criticized the Aaji, who was assigned the judiciary to decide on the issue, the Iranian government not to refer the matter to the courts, while knowing the scandal a while ago.

The media published a letter attributed to Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, President of the Office of the President of Iran, which he requested help from the Central Bank Arya Amir Mansour for large financial advance which were not subject to the laws applicable in the country....
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Khamenei calls for the media silence on the great financial corruption scandal
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