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 Mr Mouthpiece already walking with another woman?

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PostSubject: Mr Mouthpiece already walking with another woman?   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:32 pm

Not even two weeks ago Mr Italo Bocchino has finally divorced his wife Gabriella Bontempo and here he is, according to published photos of Diva and Donna that dear Mrs is already walking with a potential new conquest, together they spent an afternoon at the botanical garden Rome and then I sfrecciati away aboard a Vespa. What can actually be?

Certainly two saints who walk hand in hand idea of ​​being really really damage not just friends, if it were just two lovers probably would not see it around so the light of the sun, so must necessarily be a new liaison, perhaps born be very little between the two that seems to really love ... and agree. After the turmoil caused by family rumors of an alleged romance with Minister Carfagna, the statements of his wife, I knew everything she told Vanity Fair the Buontempo, and an apology on live TV by Italo addressed to his wife right now Gianfranco Fini's right-hand is ready to start a new life.
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Mr Mouthpiece already walking with another woman?
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