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 Elisha gossip: he, she, another and another?

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PostSubject: Elisha gossip: he, she, another and another?   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:42 pm

Between wife and husband ... do not put the lover! If then we put two is even worse!

Apparently the Elysee is in the air the storm or at least you think, and I'm not talking about the economic crisis but the romance between Nicolas Sarkozy and the premiere dame, Carla Bruni. Apparently the pair of newlyweds, much discussed and much paparazzi, would already be in crisis through no fault of either, but for the sake of both.

According to the latest rumors have both a lover, for it would be Benjamin Biolay Bruni, singer and musician who would prepare the final recording effort. For Sarkozy would be a karateka, the French champion Chantal Jouanno, recently promoted to undersecretary at 'Ecology, wife and mother of three children.

The first news about it would have appeared on a blog on the website of the Journal du Dimanche that the head was promptly removed because it violated privacy.

Apparently Sarkozy has announced that he has no time to devote to gossip!
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Elisha gossip: he, she, another and another?
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