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 Vallettopoli Bis mentioned the name of Brambilla

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PostSubject: Vallettopoli Bis mentioned the name of Brambilla   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:44 pm

Continue the investigation called "Bis Vallettopoli" because born from the first inquiry regarding VIP-photographers and blackmail.

The investigations have come out of other illustrious names of people who would pay to hide some shots "compromising". The owner of a photo agency has named Michela Brambilla, Minister of Tourism, apparently there were some shots that resumed in company entrepreneur Francesco Caltagirone, there have been offers for the photos, but after a few days were no longer on the market.

At the time the suspects for extortion are the owner of Photomasi, Carmen Pizzuti, photographers Scarfone Max and Maurizio Massimiliano Fullin rises and the contractor, but the investigation, arising from the statements of former partner Fabrizio Corona, Francesco "Bicio", are continuing on the Milan-Rome.

Indeed, it seems that "shots" made ​​primarily in Rome, Milan came in the agencies where the owners dealt with the editors of Gossip.
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Vallettopoli Bis mentioned the name of Brambilla
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