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 David Di Porto made ​​its debut in the world of hard

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PostSubject: David Di Porto made ​​its debut in the world of hard   Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:45 pm

Many remember him as the likeable fustacchione Township 7 edition of The Island of the Famous. Now David Di Porto has found another way to show off his physical gifts: Maybe the porn. In fact, thanks to his friendship with Fernando Vitale, The Port has entered his first porn movie, without sparing himself. And someone has already dubbed David ... Of Porn!
The news of the shipwreck took place throughout the former artistic muscles was circulated last fall, but there were not any pictures that prove that David had made ​​the big leap indeed.
Among other things, talking to the weekly Port Of More Than revealed that he was evicted from his wife who did not understand his choice, much less accepted. And to think that he explained that he had agreed to work in a film red light to give a future to the family. The "sacrifice" was not understood. We do not know if in these months things were reunited, but in the meantime Di Porto has officially entered the hard landscape of homegrown stars. So now we can finish no worse than this!
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David Di Porto made ​​its debut in the world of hard
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