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 Big Brother: Ilaria Natali with a big belly

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PostSubject: Big Brother: Ilaria Natali with a big belly   Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:50 pm

We return to talk about Ilaria Natali Titone and Peter, we know that Ilaria is waiting for a child with Peter Titone, the two now live together for some time and make the first tests of new parents and they look really happy together, and especially willing to enlarge family, the two have talked about the weekly Views:

I am very happy and curious, I'm looking forward to that moment to see and embrace the child. The wait is unnerving, especially in the latter days it seems that the days do not pass ever.

The name of the girl is already decided, Camilla, Ilaria is eager to become a mother:

I do a lot of questions. I wonder if it can ... if Reeds, frankly, for a woman like me becoming a mother is one of the greatest achievements in life. I do not have many ideas in her head and with Peter I am building a family. Just what I dreamed.
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Big Brother: Ilaria Natali with a big belly
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