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 Filippo Magnini and Federica Pellegrini and passionate naked in Vanity Fair

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PostSubject: Filippo Magnini and Federica Pellegrini and passionate naked in Vanity Fair   Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:54 pm

I love the physical contact in all its forms: making love, but also to touch, sniff, hold her hand. And Philip is equal to me. If we spend a minute without one of them touches the other, it means that something is wrong. He debuted Federica Pellegrini interview with Vanity Fair, on the cover of current issue Wednesday to Olympic champion Filippo Magnini and her boyfriend, for the first time together and posing nude.

Well, yes it is a very positive, with Federica's all very well, and this has brought much peace to my life as a whole - says Magnini -. Among other things, I came to fall in love to swim, workout, races. So no distractions at work, indeed. And the same goes for the Faith at the side of Philip feels like never before ... Today I feel like a woman, happy with my life and my choices - says -. It had never happened before in love everything was so easy, there were always worries, compromises. But with Philip we complement each other.

The two are so sure of their love and their relationship that does not exclude anything for the future. Federica is the woman of my life while she assures him it says "very safe". If you are in love, they do projects - says Magnini -. And I say also, always, I want to become a father when young. Of course, in an Olympic year we can not talk about dates, but the family's perspective.

Marriage or living together? "Marriage". And if a child arrived just now? "I take all the precautions - Faith says -. But, it should happen, certainly not for abortirei Olympics. And anyway, even if I intend to be a young mother, maybe even a bit 'too early to think about it with Filippo basically been together for just one year, we want to enjoy this moment. "But if he asked her to marry him now? "The answer of yes."
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Filippo Magnini and Federica Pellegrini and passionate naked in Vanity Fair
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