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 Rubygate, a striptease with the shirt of Ronaldinho

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PostSubject: Rubygate, a striptease with the shirt of Ronaldinho   Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:07 pm

The process still continues and Rubygate details emerge somewhere between the chilling, the unsettling and seedy, to bring forward again the attention to the foul deeds that occurred in Arcore and birthday parties that were held and where people also took part as Lele Mora and Emilio Fede a model Imane Moroccan Fadil said that the existence in the hands of Ruby Rubacuori some movies if they came out really compromising that would put many people into trouble.

She said he repeatedly asked to go away but they still come back sometimes because she had been promised a job in Milan Channel and then never arrived and then was just desperate and penniless, she goes on to say that he witnessed several nudes, striptease which on occasion would join Nicole Minetti well.

At the end of that evening, he even told Fadil, I received an envelope with 2 thousand euros in cash and Berlusconi asked me to stop for the night, but I went home.

Some girls had sex, she continues in her story, the former prime minister offered them money to watch them having sex.
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Rubygate, a striptease with the shirt of Ronaldinho
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