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 Men and women: Roberta Ruiu not want to be contacted by the men on Facebook

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PostSubject: Men and women: Roberta Ruiu not want to be contacted by the men on Facebook   Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:50 pm

Roberta Ruiu you love or hate so we sorbircela, hateful, with a snotty nose, one that behaves as if it were right only she, who is also so in reality we can not know not knowing her personally, the fact is that his character is despicable because it works at least talk about and get angry but he also entertained at the bottom especially in his interludes with Tina Cipollari, Ruiu now on Facebook invited the boys to not contact you asking them to respect the rules of the program, here what wrote:

Hello everyone!! Who follows the program will understand that I do not know the names of kids who are in the studio! Apart from a couple who have become my friends on this profile ... I accept all friend requests from anyone, not even read the names! Therefore I try to respond politely to all the private messages that you send me normally very conciso.Tutto what 'to tell you that if by chance there was some wise guy and that' in transmission and has not had the pleasure of getting to me my number, and apparently 'because I do not care to talk! It 's useless and will be' useless write on FB because it would go against the rules. I repeat: I do not remember most of the names, so if anyone has tried to bypass the input CLOSED, very elegantly TOLGA YES! Otherwise what would be the transmission?!?!? Anyway those caught until now had been promptly subsided. That do not arrive to altri.GRAZI
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Men and women: Roberta Ruiu not want to be contacted by the men on Facebook
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