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 1000 and 1500 luxury shoe piece of jewelry found in the Palace of Ben Ali and his wife

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PostSubject: 1000 and 1500 luxury shoe piece of jewelry found in the Palace of Ben Ali and his wife   Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:56 pm

A report published on Friday in Tunis to find A pair of luxury shoes and more than 1,500 piece of jewelry in the basement of Palace of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi in the Tunisian capital.

Naji said Baccouche jurist in presenting the report "National Commission for Truth about bribery and corruption" during the reign of Ben Ali told reporters, "I feel ashamed. I had been flouted, all the values."

"We propose to convert Palace Sidi Bou Said in the northern suburbs of the capital into a museum of national memory."

The report, which is located in 345 pages the high prevalence of corruption within many institutions, ministries, banks, customs, and among the media, lawyers and others.

Baccouche said, "We were able to study five thousand file 320 of which were referred to the Attorney General to take legal proceedings," adding that the Committee had received 11 thousand request an investigation.

According to the report, "Corruption is long all fields," especially the judiciary and the administration and real property and state property and public contracts and major projects and allocations, communications, taxation, media and banks. "

He condemned the report of cases and violations are numerous and grab the properties of operations, and bargaining and mafia crimes and other persons in addition to those close to Ben Ali and his wife.

And allocated based on the report of tables and an important aspect of corruption in the agency and external communication and revealed details of the sums of money spent to win over Tunisian journalists and foreign Arabs and Europeans in particular to polish the image of the system.

It was draining public and private banks by the relatives of the deposed president and his wife. Baccouche said, "While some people often have to give orders for the debts and granting new loans to people themselves."

Commented Baccouche former Dean of the Faculty of Law of Sfax (South) "This fact is not only a result of monopoly power in the hands of one person."

The report refers to the persons involved the first two letters of their names, but included the publication of supplements to many of the Ben Ali correspondence with the characters, the media close to the system.

Of these, Hamidi-Hashemi rich Tunisian living in London, and leader of the movement "People's petition," which won 26 seats in the 23 election last October, which hits Saturday to Tunisia.

The Commission recognized its report to the Tunisian President Fouad Mebazaa timer who ordered the confiscation of property of the family of Ben Ali and his wife and called for "all those who have abused accounting for Tunisia and looted their wealth."
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1000 and 1500 luxury shoe piece of jewelry found in the Palace of Ben Ali and his wife
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