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 Floriana and Philip Messina Pongiluppi new couple?

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PostSubject: Floriana and Philip Messina Pongiluppi new couple?   Sun May 06, 2012 6:50 am

When both were in the house of Big Brother 12 Floriana Messina and Filippo Pongiluppi, you might have suspected that certain feeling as to suggest a possible new couple, but Philip was eliminated rather quickly and then it faded even before you begin, however, since but the reality is finished it seems that between the two has reignited that feeling, because the two were often together in attitudes very friendly paparazzi.

The last in order of time has seen them again around Milan as they chatted basins, hugs and cuddles just like a real couple, while they were shopping together on the phone and he stroked her neck short here in the Cradle cat and also very seriously. It 's born a new romance?
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Floriana and Philip Messina Pongiluppi new couple?
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