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 Jivago Santinni beautiful and unveiled for Strip Poker

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PostSubject: Jivago Santinni beautiful and unveiled for Strip Poker   Sun May 06, 2012 6:54 am

What Jivago Santinni was beautiful and has a contagious sympathy we had understood very well see him participate in the famous Isle of 9 but the Brazilian-born model before appearing on TV as a castaway in Honduras had posed nude for a promotional campaign in the license plate Diesel through which the famous game of strip poker Jivago showed the beautiful in all its beauty showing also the chief targati Diesel everyone choosing and playing strip poker to take away as they could.

Certainly there are so many and so many people who prefer take away all the clothes in person but in the meantime you can start doing so virtually all done in a fun way. The campaign in question dates back to 2011, you have 100 chips and 5 cards to strip completely naked in the meantime here are the photos. Then click here to play
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Jivago Santinni beautiful and unveiled for Strip Poker
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