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 Emir of Kuwait is facing public anger with iron and ordered security forces to face firmly

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PostSubject: Emir of Kuwait is facing public anger with iron and ordered security forces to face firmly    Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:47 pm

The Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah instructed the security forces to take all necessary measures to protect "public order" after protesters stormed the parliament building to press for the dismissal of the Prime Minister.

And threatened opposition lawmaker involved in the storming of the parliament building more protests if the government did not Tfdm resign and take a decision to dissolve parliament.

Said Kuwait's state news agency (KUNA) "is His Highness (Prince) and the Ministry of Interior and the National Guard to take all measures and preparations to counteract all that affects the security of the country and the foundations of keeping public order."

The agency quotes a spokesman for the government after an emergency meeting chaired by the Amir.
Moments of the first to break into the angry masses of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Building

When the protesters came out, who entered Parliament to join the crowd in the crowd shouted out, "people want to overthrow President (Prime Minister)" It was the echo of cheers fired thousands of protesters who toppled President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year.

KUNA said that six of the security forces were wounded in the incident.

Was seen by experts from forensic fingerprint raising of the parliament building, after the deputies asked the trial of those involved in the storming of the parliament.

The protesters wanted to sack the government headed by Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Sabah is an influential member of the ruling family, whom they accuse of corruption. Sheikh Nasser denies the charge.

And protest came a day after the vote the government and parliament in a move unprecedented against the request of some legislators question Sheikh Nasser in parliament.

The MP said the Kuwaiti opposition Musallam al-Barrak told reporters in parliament that the opposition is waiting to dissolve the government and parliament, adding that if this does not happen, the events of the parliament will not only be a first step in several steps.

He added that the National Assembly Council of the people and not the Board from using it to protect their interests and that the people avenge if violated the Constitution.

Kuwait is going through a protracted political stalemate and intensified opposition to the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al.

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Emir of Kuwait is facing public anger with iron and ordered security forces to face firmly
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