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 Berlusconi's promises to his career as "protected"

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PostSubject: Berlusconi's promises to his career as "protected"   Sun May 06, 2012 7:15 am republished a series of wiretaps involving the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to grips with his "girls" or their "protected" and any women he wanted to surround to satisfy his vices, but also a man who for age and the position he held was often tired and was made to maneuver, it is not to justify but in the meantime of course this kind of pattern seems to emerge from these intercepts.

The last interception for Berlusconi Marysthell Garcia Polanco and one that apparently is very well established in areas including the unsavory world of drugs among these. At that time, among other things, Marysthell had borrowed a car from Nicole Minetti and a part of the drug was found in the car. The story is not scared of little girls and the environment also worried Berlusconi's entourage. He ended with the eight-year sentence for possession and trafficking of Ramirez De La Rosa, Marysthell boyfriend.

She speaks with Berlusconi on the phone by voice seems tired and tried almost everything and gives what is asked dall'opportunista woman in those days was already working to Colorado Cafè but she asks him to give her the Bagaglino and he promises that the end phone to discuss whether there is availability for you.

Here is the call published by
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Berlusconi's promises to his career as "protected"
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