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 Syria will soon sign the initiative of the Arab League

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PostSubject: Syria will soon sign the initiative of the Arab League    Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:20 pm

Jihad al-Maqdisi, spokesman for the Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Syria has responded positively to the proposed Arab League initiative, which aims to end the violence has continued for eight months and expects to be signed on the initiative soon.

The sanctuary was speaking after the expiration of the latest deadline for agreement on the Arab League initiative aimed at halting the protests against President Bashar al-Assad and that the United Nations says has killed more than 4000 people.

Damascus has complained that this initiative, which includes a plan to allow observers into the country Tantthec national sovereignty. But says it is seeking clarification on them and it has not totally rejected.

Said Makdisi, told reporters in Damascus, "the Syrian government responded positively to the draft Protocol ... to be signed soon."

"I am cautiously optimistic and await the reaction of the university first."

The Arab League imposed economic sanctions last month, unprecedented against Damascus, but extended the deadline to sign the agreement promised times since then,
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Syria will soon sign the initiative of the Arab League
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