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 Algeria prevent the U.S. and French fighter jets from flying

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PostSubject: Algeria prevent the U.S. and French fighter jets from flying    Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:57 pm

أAlgeria declared its refusal to allow the drones French and American fly over the Algerian desert, among the functions to prevent the smuggling of arms from Libya and monitor the activity of armed groups loyal to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in northern Mali.

A source familiar with today: "Algeria recently refused to allow the drones long-term French and American flying over the areas of maximum south near the border with both Libya and Mauritania, Mali and Niger, and decided to intensify the air control means and the Ministry of Defence of Algeria."

The source explained that the reconnaissance planes, including the Algerian drones and Russian-made aircraft operating on the private respondents control the desert, pointing out that some of these aircraft entered service recently, and can ensure control of vast tracts of desert areas.

The source added: "Algeria's new reconnaissance aircraft which entered service technologies have been developed in Russia, and received another two years before the United States of America, and the Algerian engineers received special courses to work on the aircraft in the framework of an agreement with the U.S. side."

The source informed that the first tests of the aircraft were conducted in the United States, and at air bases in the south of Algeria, stressing that the Algerian Air Force has stepped up surveillance and extensive hours after the kidnapping of three Europeans in the camp of the Sahrawi refugees in the state of Tindouf, south of the country on 22 October, This aircraft is also involved in the control of the eastern Algerian Libyan border, to prevent the smuggling of weapons from Libya to Algeria.

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Algeria prevent the U.S. and French fighter jets from flying
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