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 Are government codifies sexual bearded career employment in Morocco ..?

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PostSubject: Are government codifies sexual bearded career employment in Morocco ..?   Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:09 pm

Called for a national newspaper in its issue this weekend, the need to codify what she called "the profession of labor citizenship in Morocco", as demanded by the new government be allocated to Mmthenneha place specific and subjecting them as located in the developed countries to monitor the medical and covert, in order to avoid the spread of disease among Moroccans who come this category of workers without control precautions taken it, says the same newspaper.

And refused to launch the newspaper in her article called "prostitutes", where indicated, this description is the description of "invective .??", preferring to be a tacit admission by the fact that these are ultimately women who practice the oldest profession in history, no less, no more.

Before adding that where left and traveled in Morocco there is a "sex workers". Either need or pretext pretext pretext of force or get involved or reasons of the other.

To direct a question at the end of her article that you have the audacity to Benkirane Government are undertaking this thorny issue ..?? Question considered by the newspaper and a hot real question ...
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Are government codifies sexual bearded career employment in Morocco ..?
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