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 The scandal tainted silicone used in breast augmentation conquer the world

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PostSubject: The scandal tainted silicone used in breast augmentation conquer the world    Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:11 pm

Scandal maximize breast in 65 countries .. And France 30 thousand calls a woman to remove silicon

Press reports two deaths and 8 injuries cancer

Moved scandal implants industrial from France to 65 countries, despite the prohibition of this article in the market about a year ago, but the question again and erupted again after that called for the French authorities of both gave birth this type of filler for breast augmentation for operations to remove them in the aftermath of two deaths and the injury of eight breast cancer, according to the report of the Canal "Arab" on Friday.

The scandal emerged adulterated silicone, which is produced by Polly Ompelnt Protais pip, and used in breast augmentation in women, the scope of the French border to become an international issue.

And imported more than 65 countries, this article from the French company, and most of these importers from South America, where consumption is more than 50% of the total production of the company, estimated at a hundred thousand a year charge, especially in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina.

And made these countries a complaint with the Commercial Court in the French city of Toulon to compensate for the damage to the right due to fraud in the silicon, which is later discovered that it is used for industrial purposes and not medical.

The French government announced that it bears all the costs of surgery to remove fillings adulterated, and to encourage women who have undergone such operations to move fast.

Will have 30 thousand French woman to undergo these processes, as well as thousands like them in other European countries such as Spain, Britain, Italy and Germany.

It is due to be announced, Friday, a team of experts in the French National Institute for Cancer waiting for recommendations on whether to carry out the disarmament of the charges or not.

Revealed in press reports as concerns that the charges involve risks, especially after the occurrence of two deaths and eight injuries discovery of breast cancer in women who used such fillings.

And involved the French company in this scandal after she tried to minimize the use of silicone medical, to provide about one billion euros through the use of silicone industrial least expensive, but it led her to the arrest of activity following the lead of 2,000 women filed complaints explosive charges and the incidence of poisoning, and as a result the police opened a criminal investigation with the company officials.
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The scandal tainted silicone used in breast augmentation conquer the world
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