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 Gays Morocco fail to celebrate what they call "national day" occupied Ceuta

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PostSubject: Gays Morocco fail to celebrate what they call "national day" occupied Ceuta   Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:06 pm

J is the leader of gay Moroccan Samir Barakashi

By the refusal of the interests of the Spanish consulate in Tetouan, Tangier and give them a visa for fear of the reaction of Moroccan Muslims in Alexandria usurped

The failure of members of the "How How" (which the organization offers the same bloc of gay, lesbian, transgender and transsexual and bisexual sexual identity Moroccans) in celebration of "National Day of homosexuals", scheduled for last week's club "Sala enough Club" located city of Ceuta territory, after they are unable to organized in Morocco, in order to avoid opposition to large-received by such movements of Moroccan citizens.

The reasons for the failure to prevent the interests of the Consulate General of Spain in all of Tetuan and Tangier visa for young Moroccans belong to a group, "How How", which dealt decisively on this issue through the application of strict measures to all those seeking entry to the occupied city of Ceuta, immediately knowing the decision of the group of Moroccan unrecognized held a meeting in Alexandria usurped, as dealt with caution with many of the young suspects who went to the consulate, and tightened its procedures in order to avoid problems with Morocco.

And local media sources Ceuta territory, to gay members of the Assembly in Alexandria usurped conducted intensive contacts with the Spanish Foreign Ministry officials also have stepped up diplomatic contacts with Spanish interests in northern Morocco, which refused to accept applications for homosexuals who belong to the Moroccan cities of Marrakech and Tangier, Tetouan and Casablanca.

In the same context, we learned from informed sources in Alexandria usurped, that one of the Islamic societies occupied city of Ceuta, mobilized its members and their frames and some citizens of the city of Tetouan and Fnideq to address a meeting of alleged homosexuals.

Also issued a statement confirmed that the occupied city of Ceuta is not a breeding ground for the exercise of vice and immorality, and that it decided to flee from Morocco to avoid the anger and feelings of Moroccans, he should know - as the author of - that the occupied city of Ceuta, in turn, holds the lives of Moroccans are Muslims, too, will not allow the authorities to Spanish territories to accept the organization of such meetings, contrary to the morals of the Moroccans and the urgent sense of the Muslims.

He was scheduled during the celebration of gay, organized in coordination with the International Association of Gay and lesbian, in cooperation with the gateway "gay Morocco" and a forum, "How How Room", the organization of musical performances and other kind of "Drake", in addition to listening to the word national coordinator of the group, and the distribution of the new issue of the journal "like me."
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Gays Morocco fail to celebrate what they call "national day" occupied Ceuta
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