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 Sara Tommasi is proud to be in public without underwear

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PostSubject: Sara Tommasi is proud to be in public without underwear   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:43 pm

Sara Tommasi and Belen contend the scepter of Belen teasing with the difference that seems to be unaware of the cause while Sara Tommasi puts it in your face: the challenge! In fact, after yet another display of Sara with no underwear in public to protest against the bank seigniorage Tommasi to Free TV has candidly stated to please be "used", so before similar statements on the one hand you may get shocked and disoriented by 'more clearly we understand that she also has found perhaps the only way to get popularity and make him talk.
These statements mica has stopped? Of course not also said to be very attracted to women too, if we add that long ago admitted having sex with her boyfriend all the time that Rod is also called the short Tommasi we wallow in the easy gossip and feeds it to his liking so now there is no end to the worst then.
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Sara Tommasi is proud to be in public without underwear
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