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 The soccer player Maxi Lopez naked on webcam

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PostSubject: The soccer player Maxi Lopez naked on webcam   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:47 pm

Another player who is shown naked on webcam, these hours are circulating on the net pictures of Maxi Lopez naked while touching and masturbating on webcam and it seems that the other side there was a woman of whom still do not know the 'identity and perhaps never will be discovered, the player seems to have gone quiet beauty to be seen with a lot of "zebedei" the wind, but she was recovering and sent pictures to the site Nuevodiarioweb who then published the article with a photo, the same that you see at the top slightly censored.
Lopez's wife, Wanda Nara (not new to the horns by the husband) became aware of it and of course went on a rampage, it seems even the slightest, she who in the recent past had already discovered a of her husband's affair from a text message on the phone from his agent inviting him to Florence because there were four girls, Wanda did so, however, that Lopez was wrong but if a man wants to do the horns as long as he stays at home front of the PC.
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The soccer player Maxi Lopez naked on webcam
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