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 Scarlett Urru freed in Mali "exchange with the militant Al

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PostSubject: Scarlett Urru freed in Mali "exchange with the militant Al   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:57 pm

Scarlett Urru, the Italian aid worker kidnapped Oct. 22 in southern Algeria, was released Friday night in Bamako, the capital of Mali. The newspaper says the Senegalese Dakaractu citing security sources in Mauritania. The news was revived by Al Jazeera and the Mauritanian press.

According to the site Mauritanian "Sahara Media", the Italian aid Urru Scarlett would be released by the terrorists of al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb with the Mauritanian police, Aal Ould al-Mukhtar, who was kidnapped in recent months in a blitz of terrorists in southern Mauritania . According to the Mauritanian site, the two would be released in exchange for the release of a terrorist Tuareg in Mauritania, Ould Abdel Rahman Madou. The Urru and the policeman will arrive today with a Mauritanian plane to Bamako.

The Police of Orissa has confirmed the release of Adnkronos cooperating, but the Foreign Ministry's Crisis Unit is still checking the news. The diplomatic sources said. Meanwhile, news of the release of Scarlett Urru was greeted with joy on Facebook. As soon as it was released the announcement of his release, the news was published on the group born after his abduction. It took a few moments and the dashboard of the group "Free Urru Scarlett" was flooded with messages of enthusiasm for the news of the release, ranging from comments like "today is a wonderful day" to "Today is a great day for all."
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Scarlett Urru freed in Mali "exchange with the militant Al
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