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 Madonna, the star reflects on a marriage proposal!

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PostSubject: Madonna, the star reflects on a marriage proposal!   Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:09 pm

A new proposal of marriage to Madonna? Yes, guys, you got it. This is not a billionaire, but fans of the singer of his fellow-royboy, the 24 year old dancer Brahim Zaibat.
According to some sources it seems that Madonna is considering a marriage proposal received from Brahim Zaibat about three weeks ago. The The Mail On Sunday revealed, citing sources very close to the couple, that:

"Brahim has asked Madonna to marry him a couple of weeks ago, but Madonna has not given him an answer yet. She does not want to run. "

She is very happy with Brahim, even if your friends are sure she is not ready for marriage. That said, Madonna has a real fear of being alone. It 'a big problem for her, and she loves a man in her life, especially if you are young and feel young. "

After her divorce from Guy Ritchie Madonna had said that he would rather run over by a train that will get married again .... what now?
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Madonna, the star reflects on a marriage proposal!
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