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 Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini seek home together

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PostSubject: Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini seek home together   Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:41 am

What are nice and cute together Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini, who are now officially engaged since last summer and are now going steady and good relationship as colleagues because now they also train the same personal trainer, in other words between the two things go on smoothly so that the two decided to live together and are looking for home.

The weekly Diva and woman photographed them while in Rome, between hugs and kisses, looking for their love nest: My dream - said Philip, ready for engagement with the London Olympics in July - is to continue my life, as it was. Twenty years from now I see myself with a family, grizzled, hopefully without the belly .... And happy!.

So in spite of the envious, the evil we wish him all the best and the story last as long as possible!
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Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini seek home together
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