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 Silvio Berlusconi defends Lele Mora

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PostSubject: Silvio Berlusconi defends Lele Mora   Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:37 am

One would think the criminals and we get on so we understand each other and as if on purpose the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has defended Lele Mora unjust considering his incarceration prior to bankruptcy.

The former prime minister, now resigned, decided to intervene in defense of his friend and companion to the taste of many seratine bunga bunga, a man who would enjoy all its estimates and because of him, could have even fought with her chief advocate, Emilio Fede guilty of fees retained by the former agent of the VIPs a "bribe" worth about 400,000 euros.

I am saddened that there is still the pre-trial detention, is a symbol of anti-social of the country, one of the many issues of justice. In any case, I feel soon and I will make my wishes for this Christmas.

Meanwhile, concerned about the health of Lele Mora that would be a lot thinner and has been the victim of many common illnesses while he continues to proclaim himself innocent. Well!
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Silvio Berlusconi defends Lele Mora
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