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 Aurora Cossio denies being the girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi: "We are friends, there was only a kiss"

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PostSubject: Aurora Cossio denies being the girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi: "We are friends, there was only a kiss"   Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:35 pm

Not long ago in a previous article (which you can find here) we told you about Aurora Cossio, the actress known mostly for his participation in the film "Immature, the journey" and "I make a jump in Havana", the which was said to be the new girlfriend of former premier Silvio Berlusconi.

But now to disprove the report was that the same Cossio, in an interview with the weekly magazine "Vanity Fair", said that among them there was no affair, but only a beautiful friendship, even if it does not deny that among them there was a kiss.

The young actress says that the two met by chance in 2006 in a shop in central Rome, where she worked as a saleswoman. It 'was thanks to Silvio Berlusconi, who has managed to achieve his dream of becoming an actress, even if he wanted to specify not want to go for the recommended shift that works only for friendships with the powerful.

In this regard, in fact, the Cossio says:

"It was always flirts with me, but also respectful. It amazes me really think it out, after 5 years that we know, this story of our supposed engagement. I'd rather call friendship: I have a lot of respect for Berlusconi and I know that if I need advice or have a chat, he to me is ... "

Aurora, also said that news of relationship with Berlusconi was damaging her relationship with her boyfriend. Moreover specifies that it would never to be the girlfriend of Berlusconi, not so much the age difference (she is 30 years old and he has 75), but because it would be very jealous, because it is a very busy man always surrounded by many women.

Aurora, then, states that he never slept with the former prime minister, among them there was only a kiss and nothing more:

"I've never been to bed with him. This does not mean that I is indifferent whether we are alone in the same room, it makes me hug him. But the greatest among us is that there was a kiss ... "

Finally, the young actress said that she was a good girl and have been able to intelligently manage the issue, managing to keep alive his friendship with Berlusconi for over five years:

"This, I think I was good. It is normal that there is sexual tension at the beginning: the woman is set up to where the man can sink. If we're maybe get something in return, but it is in that case that the relationship runs out soon. But I wanted it to last, and I managed intelligently. If I had just put the stakes in a brutal manner, would be offensive. But when I realized that was the case of 'cool', I disappeared for a period not to call him, then perhaps I did alive after a month or two. So I maintained a relationship that continues even now ... "

I do not know, I honestly thing this little convincing. What do you think about it?
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Aurora Cossio denies being the girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi: "We are friends, there was only a kiss"
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