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 Sara Tommasi strips again against the government Mountains

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PostSubject: Sara Tommasi strips again against the government Mountains   Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:15 pm

Once there were Cicciolina and Moana Pozzi left the impression that every time their "thank you" for political purposes today is Sara Tommasi that for quite some time now, first to protest against the bank seigniorage and then also against Mountains and the government budget law stripping more or less bare, now let alone the effect it can have this kind of protest as well as bring an erection (I wonder if you can tell erection) to the politicians, the Tommasi is back in that of Deputies and with the questionable Domenico Scilipoti which ultimately became known for outrageous exclamations about gay equated thieves, then binding Tommasi-Scilipoti not even be considered!

The starlet Sara Tommasi, who has been disappointed by Silvio Berlusconi, has worn for the occasion, a black coat and skirt with white blouse under a very transparent, which has highlighted a lace bra and its natural qualities. But going to work hard is not it?
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Sara Tommasi strips again against the government Mountains
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