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 Arms purchases from France cost 400 billion centimes Morocco

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PostSubject: Arms purchases from France cost 400 billion centimes Morocco   Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:30 am

A report presented by the French government, on Wednesday last, that Morocco maintained its position on the first importer of French weapons during the current year.

Where imports amounted to Morocco from French arms about 354 million euros, equivalent to 400 billion centimes.

And confirmed the report itself stated in a previous military statements issued by the French Defense Ministry, pointing out that Morocco has made ​​customers in France, the African continent during the last ten years.

Consecutive deals worth 690 million Euros aesthetic, for 245 million Euros only for Algeria in the same period.

And Morocco occupied the first rank among customers as well as France during the last year, transactions were 363 million Euros for the weapons, and 16 million euros with respect to military hardware.
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Arms purchases from France cost 400 billion centimes Morocco
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