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 Prince William and Kate Middleton Together at Last!

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PostSubject: Prince William and Kate Middleton Together at Last!   Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:54 pm

Together at Last! Kate Middleton and Prince William met. Wednesday morning the prince returned from the Falkland Islands with the rest of the company of the Royal Air Force, the Duchess of Cambridge was rushed to a military base for going to embrace his beloved wife after seven weeks of the distance. Before leaving with the RAF Prince will have a period of leave to spend quietly with wife.

The couple is now back together in their cottage in Kensington Palace, in the coming hours will greet William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and will play with the puppy Wolf. According to the annual court Kate and William should have no public commitment, then spend as much time as possible alone semlice as a married couple.

After the desired license the prince will be returned to the air base at Anglesey in North Wales, and Kate will be alone again, but now knows unravel and deal with classroom every public appearance, undoubtedly helped by the Queen Mother
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Prince William and Kate Middleton Together at Last!
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