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 Miss Bahamas wants to marry Prince Harry will love?

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PostSubject: Miss Bahamas wants to marry Prince Harry will love?   Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:56 pm

Pierre Anastagia current Miss Bahamas has succeeded in doing, meet Prince Harry after she had declared volerselo marry, will be that his statement has engendered around the world, but Prince Harry has decided to meet her so well because the girl that is 23 years old and is beautiful on a visit to Great Britain and has been said to find him very sexy.

Anastagia was presented to the prince with a red dress that showed her breathtaking figure to perfection: the two met at the reception of the leaders of the youth of the Caribbean country, the Sheraton Hotel.

Do you want to get married? He began the prince.

Between the two, according to well informed between the two there was a friendly exchange of words and there was a certain feeling, and there are others who moves forward in the future and sees them together again and maybe even as a couple sets , a new pair destined to be talked about and discuss.
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Miss Bahamas wants to marry Prince Harry will love?
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