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 Nicole Minetti, sex bomb in Sharm El Sheikh

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PostSubject: Nicole Minetti, sex bomb in Sharm El Sheikh   Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:59 pm

With his physique bursting, Nicole Minetti you leave to kiss the sun of Sharm El Sheikh. Minimal bikini, cleavage explosive and hair in a braid for a tan without signs. With her faithful assistant Luca Pedrini, with whom he shared a hotel room. Just relax for the young policy.

Stressed from the hectic pace of the regional council and by the constant stalking of the paparazzi, always ready to capture his meandering side B, Nicole Minetti moves away from Italy for a vacation in the heat, as in photos of the magazine Novella 2000.

On deck, palm trees and rocks, in front of the reef, you can enjoy a little 'rest before diving back into the frenzy of Pirelli. In his company's inseparable friend Pedrini, who sat beside him, no one bothers to check the sultry Nicole. Blessed is she who can allow to go to Sharm El Sheikh!
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Nicole Minetti, sex bomb in Sharm El Sheikh
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