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 Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home

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Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home Empty
PostSubject: Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home   Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 2:30 pm

Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home Pas_01_672-458_resize
Francesca Pascale is a fascinating twenty-six that makes the provincial councilor for the PDL in Naples in the past but now former tissue or something similar for Telecafone (but you see that people must enter politics), has been spotted with his smart at Palazzo Grazioli where there was also Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi last night when he was being too gentle leaders of the party that lasted until 1:30 am in the presence of Ignazio La Russa, Maurizio Gasparri, Gianni Letta, she will be the famous new girlfriend of life of the Prime Minister? From now noted his preference for much younger girls.

A Beccaria was Corriere della Sera, but she interviewed did not confirm anything, and you are not very biased on this issue and we know that when you do not like admitting it is veering round so we should do it. The Smart's Pascale is divided from the residence at 10:00 the next morning so if mathematics is not an opinion!
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Francesca Pascale at Berlusconi's home
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