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 Moroccan women smoked challenge customs and traditions

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PostSubject: Moroccan women smoked challenge customs and traditions   Moroccan women smoked challenge customs and traditions Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 9:44 am

Moroccan women smoked challenge customs and traditions 8112011-93909
Ever-increasing number of women smokers in Morocco, despite the community's rejection of this phenomenon into account and breach of ethics. And pay the social perception of Moroccan women to smoke in secret. Deutsche Welle spoke to a number of these women.

Mary delighted (pseudonym), a university student Morocco in the second decade. Her story began with smoking about two years ago when Antaptha desire to experience "the secret" that makes friends fond of smoking a cigarette. Mary tried cigarette Vaatadt addicted to them, and although they know very well that the consequences of this experience will not be easy in a society like Morocco. Although belonging to the family of open and liberal, she says, but they are still hiding from her family the news. Mary says in an interview with Deutsche Welle, "If I discovered my parents smoke will get in great shock and a real disappointment."

The reason, says Mary, is that people associate smoking behavior of the moral decay of women, although smoking is the other brother, "my older brother smokes too, but he refuses to smoke in front of him, and every time we discuss on this topic Bouksam finish." With regard to society's view of Mary says it is trying to smoke in places where the usual is to some extent to see a woman smoke "has never been directly harassed, but I noticed that the elderly women, for example Armguenna stares strange and reprehensible."

Mary's story is not much different story Shaima pink (pseudonym), a Moroccan journalist and poet in the late third decade of life. Shaima says Deutsche Welle: "I started smoking in the second decade when I was under the pressure of exams, and you stay with my friends to review our lessons altogether, then Astsgt taste began to smoke a cigarette." In contrast to Mary, the Shaima found no obstacles in the beginning because "the atmosphere we live in as students, and intellectual background and reference modernist, all helped to not be seen to act of smoking as something negative, especially for women. Also, this did not match the ethical dimension" . Even when I left college Shaima it remained keen to move in the vicinity of "exceptional" and mixer "with reactionary thought," she said. She adds, "When I started having to deal with this kind of people the very nature of my work I became Othashy smoking in front of them."

Society does not have mercy smokers

Shaima is keen on not smoking in the street, out of respect for the "roof of the very limited awareness of the other." Her family does not know anything about it, she says: "I do not want to provoke the conservative nature of the family in this regard, and respect for my father who hates cigarette and knocks my little brother always because of it." And stamped Shaima her tone of regret and disappointment, saying "our society by virtue of my knowledge the modest Moroccan woman smoked, coupled with the decadence and decay, despite boasts by the development of this community." Moroccan society is still, like any other traditional society, rejects smoking women and men is considered an imitation or a sign of moral deviation, and therefore the broad categories of Moroccan men refuse to link a woman smoker because they are not eligible according to their perception of a family.

Joseph Balenaiada young Moroccan held in the second to say about smoking women: "do not like this. I think it distorts the female character, as well as you like it or not I go to my mind she is a woman is Mtkhalqh and portrays me as decadent and perverted .. even if far from this impression. and if smoking is not worthy of men already, how the female. " Yusuf adds to Deutsche Welle that a man can not east of the separation from the culture of the society in which they live and who holds a negative image towards smokers. It will be an unpleasant surprise if he found out that his sister smoke, for example, adds, "Of course I would be surprised and Segn crazy and I can not imagine my reaction." The reason for this, as Joseph, is the health damage of smoking in addition to the image of the community.

Women also refuse smoking women!

Some women dare to smoke despite the rejection of a community

The choice of Representatives refuses to marry a woman smoking for other reasons is that it runs away from the smell of cigarettes as he feared that it affects the children. He adds in an interview with Deutsche Welle that even "if we assume that there is no problem with me and the smell of cigarettes damage the course, my parents would not accept that a woman marry a smoke, because I come from a small town is where women smoked a culturally alien to the community."

It seems that women smoked in Morocco does not "provoke" men only that which their behavior is considered "abnormal," but it also provoked her own gender. Says the young Amina Sbitra Deutsche Welle: "I do not accept the idea never to marry a brother of a woman smoking. We did not get used to seeing this scene, then when you have children, what if Stalmanm are already smoke?". Amina adds that "children see their mother for a smoke in a Muslim country like Morocco will be born with a desire to do the same or more and this is far from our culture." And adopt the names of the requesting website offering himself and says she refuses to be associated with her brother chimney "Smoking is usually associated with Mounhlat necessarily morally, as it is religiously forbidden."

Challenge the norms of society and

Mukhtar Parliament: my parents will not agree to marry a woman smoking

Despite the health damage of smoking on women, such as fertility problems and cancer of the uterus and Tatherganan and look for the negative view of society Mkhanat the Moroccan women do not hesitate to break into the world is strange cigarette, and each one causes.

And distinguishes the rostral Ismail, a professor of sociology, between two types of smokers. He says in this context "smoking women in traditional society Kalmjtma Moroccan symbolizes the two modes: either that women smoke because they came from the center is described as" decadent, morally "and Smoking women here make the community is always linked that the center and either lived in the middle of a liberal empowered to resort to" Excellence "by smoking, which is a special social status of men.

And enhance the rejection of smoking women, according to rostral, is that the phenomenon as a whole is rejected by the community. It is the latter that women trying to get out of the chimney qualities have drawn the community, any kind of women that serve the thin man, not imitate it through smoking, it is also detrimental to the latter aspect of the aesthetic in women.

Moroccan society rejects smoking women.

For his part, says Dr. Abdul Aziz gas, a psychologist and founder of the Moroccan Journal of Psychology, The Moroccan society rejects smoking women because it considers a model is an authentic Moroccan and away from the Arab-Islamic culture, which is the foundation of society. Which makes smoking, according to the invader, a challenge to society and family and a departure from the norms and traditions.

All of these factors are paid to the phenomenon of secret smoking because of "lack of sense of the chimney safe, so they avoid people to smoke with satisfaction because they know that what you are doing something unusual in the eyes of others." Ichiralghaza and that another category of smokers, smoking-using "to Demonstrate Astqlalathen. They smoke in front of people who reject this phenomenon to enhance the independence of these by mistake."

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Moroccan women smoked challenge customs and traditions
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