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 Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana

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Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana Empty
PostSubject: Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana   Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 9:55 pm

Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana C_103_articolo_1414_upiFotoPrimo
Review the episode streaming Mediaset

The episode starts with a trio at the center of the study, consisting of Julian, Andrea and Tiziana: not yet extinguished the echo of past discussions between the two pretenders to the blonde and Tiziana Giuliano points out to Andrew that he had not apologized to him for his words disrespectful, but the spotlight is pointing to a new and unexpected scenario, in fact this week there was a dense exchange of text messages between the first and Tiziana Giuliano and brought it all "the dossier" as an unequivocal testimony to the Editor: Among the many lines are read Tiziana emblematic phrases such as "sweetheart" and then "you've had too much haste, I have always expressed a preference for the intellect to the physical" (referring to Andrea), followed by a reciprocal exchange of giovanilistici "tvb "and she invites him to be himself and to show how, without hesitation, saying" I am here ... and you? "concluding with a little criticism" more action and less talk "and the title of" crazy "; Giuliano on the other hand, despite the denials of Tiziana, continues to say that he preferred the "physicality" of Andrew, who now seems rather slow after reading all that "poop" of messages, messages that now seems to want to resize Tiziana: - Julian and I tease us a lot ... - but Tina thinks otherwise: - oh no! we do not come down from the mountains! you read something else in those phrases, your invitation was very precise! - Andrea intervenes saying that even with him there was an exchange of messages, but did not put in place as did Julian, however, says he wants to think about what to do and if you continue to learn Tiziana, criticized by the Julian Antonio and Gianni, Julian says to want to reconnect, but it was not moved: - it is better that she knows someone else - and the Edda expresses its solidarity - bravo! you did well! -

Bruno in the center of the study, but first a summary RVM on the many controversies arose after reports "Honduran" and denials of a second kiss that Cindy was there and according to him no, Tina had played an important role in that controversy, and now, all 'entry of Sonia and Maria, is aimed at first sarcastically calling it among other things a "poor wretched looking for young meat" - so what? How did it go with Big Jim? - But Sonia does not hesitate at nothing, and tells an evening organized by her to the restaurant, with choreography by candles and balloons, and, as a main dish, the specialty of Neapolitan soup of mussels - it was a night full of emotions, I said "this is for you, this is Sonia, both were shivering, and after dinner I took to the streets of San Antonio where you see all of Naples, wanted to fly the balloons, I tried to kiss him but he did not want to ... - Tina: - you could tie it together with balloons and flying it, so is a big head! but how come you have not kissed ... the senses are dormant in Italy? with all those muscles, those pecs ... and she ... poor deluded ... - Sonia goes into detail and said that since the mussel soup notoriously smells of roses, she had worked so that his mouth after dinner was always fresh and attractive, putting a hand toothbrush and toothpaste with care and it put the lipstick ... but nothing, Bruno starts with his long defensive autoarringa citing the refusal to kiss her in an attitude of respect towards each other "suitor" Mary, but at this point Cindy exclaims: - but how many lies! when you kissed me you got problems! - Go up the tone of the discussion, Maria Bruno says he believes in and argues with Cindy, but was in turn criticized by Gianni and Tina, angry, wants to get rid of Bruno and Maria from all television programming in the solar system, in this Sonia is flawless, and that they are not at all want to throw in the towel, repeats that the expected evolution of events, Bruno states that still only a TV program you must acquaint "the other" if only he is or not attending , while in "normal" life is not automatic, but Tina is another opportunity to attack: - because it is a subtle and out on TV! - Bruno still goes dancing with Mary.

Scarlett at the center of the study due to time constraints it was not possible to meet them in bet a gentleman came to her, so the meeting from Naples with Piero is out of the studio, after an initial presentation useful to know in broad terms, the conditions are positive and interesting to find Scarlett says: - Take off your glasses for a moment? let me see ... no, though, not bad, how tall are you? 1.80? with you I can not even put the heel 12 ... - In the studio Piero enters and sits next to Ennio, another suitor of Scarlett, the latter explains that with Ennio feels very frequently, but the casting went immediately to find Piero a Naples, where, he says, spent a wonderful day despite the bad weather, he and Ennio are two people at the antipodes, the first serious and sedate, the second and vital gay, although I have not met in person, I will continue to know them both - the two say they agree and are ready to encounter, she decides to dance with Peter, because with Ennio has already done.

It closes with some good news: Hugh got engaged at the tender age of 94 years: the images show him in the company of Mary with a drink to toast the new life together: Hugh tells her to be in the process of moving to a new house that could, wanting her, become their nest, she, also because of children, does not want to rush too much time, but a smile speaks of a feeling clean and new. The two entered the studio greeted by warm applause, rising Edda "blesses" their history, Hugh, beaming, says, - we bring peace! - And then: - Remember when I said that dancing with her I felt a strange warmth? We searched for but not found! I have phoned that in Sardinia is starting to sing the cuckoo, and is a good sign - says Hugh pointing out the story that the bird, with its rhythmic chant, and as usual, did a little 'from oracle to his questions about life; Ugo Maria concludes reciting a poem about spring, he has already seen 94.

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Men and women of the episode April 17, 2012: Julian dismisses Tiziana
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