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 Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino

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Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino Empty
PostSubject: Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino   Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 12:53 pm

Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino Caterina-Siviero1
Catherine Siviero complains of being ridiculed by Armando Avellino on Facebook, you're right it is understandable but she basically tradendolo with archenemy Fabrizio Conti and everything coming to the surface on live television before millions of viewers did not ridicule him? The Siviero but has left a long comment on the social network for her and now the story is finally closed:

With last night ended a long time that I somehow destabilizes a person and life changing. A very strong experience that helped me understand many things and that'll bring in my heart, made ​​me grow up. It made me feel joy and pain. And many many emotions never felt before in my life. I experienced one of the stories, even if brief, most important of my life ... with a special person because I have this picture of him, and in my heart will always be so. Emotions experienced in a different reality. Feeling very difficult to explain. Unfortunately life is unpredictable, ugly twist of fate, and everything can change. Have been criticized, I have always accepted all the criticism, taking me and I will always always my responsibility. I am still ridiculed, especially the page of Armando, even by himself. With video or something. All this hurts me, I can not say otherwise. Opt for the 'indifference to this punto.adesso I will take my balance, I need it, if fate will want to hope it gets a bit of serenity. I take all the good things I can take from this experience and within my heart. She introduced me to the special people that will surely take you with me in my journey of life. I'm not perfect, but who is?! But I know that I have a big heart and I look inside myself. Thanks to this experience.
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Catherine Siviero humiliated by Armando Avellino
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