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 Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties

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Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties Empty
PostSubject: Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties   Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 1:00 pm

Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties C_2_fotogallery_1008386__ImageGallery__imageGalleryItem_0_image
It seems that leaving it was he Elisabetta Canalis, Steve-O's bizarre stunt television, according to a source close to both the boy after various personal problems with Elizabeth was trying to get my head in place while she always attended with a large number of parties often alone, and this thing seems to have become insurmountable, said by some that in a TV has combined all sorts of things is equally bizarre but it is also true that what was working.

Meanwhile on the site Who Say has published a few days ago some new shots from Santa Monica, where he is anything but desperate, in white bikini on the beach with a friend: I would say that's worse in life writing and frankly we are all agree with you. Besides, one must not forget that Eli had a glorious past by Vellum and that, according to photos and comments posted on his Twitter, since it is in America you never miss friends and fun, even if its bad ending love story .
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Steve-O left the Canalis: too many parties
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