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 Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch

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Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch Empty
PostSubject: Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch   Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 7:07 am

Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch Francesca-Pierini-foto-005
Will this trend also in the coming months? Francesca Pierini and Alessio Lo Passo go ahead by dint of blows and quarrels and answers? I wonder now is going more or less like this and after the interview with The Pas these days that seemed to have made amends to recognize its own mistakes Riecco Pierini who also blogs at Isa and Chia has spoken again by Alessio:

Even if things did not go very well, I can not deny that remain in me a nice memory of him outside. At first there was an obvious embarrassment, caused both by cameras and by her presence. Let's say for me it was not easy to melt, even though you might think otherwise. The moment I let emotions prevail and then I gave a few kisses for me, were synonymous with a real strong interest. With hindsight, I needed to open more in speeches, that could certainly reveal a lot more than me. After each external though, I felt awkward on time ... and even a bit 'clumsy! Conversely then, I lived bad bets and his attitude in the studio. It was unpleasant, surly and totally uninterested .. just say to slap!

The Pierini talks about breakup with Cristian Gallella:

Well, we say that our relationship has undergone a sudden change of direction, following the argument that there was after the kiss with Isabel Goni. I first I realize that my interest and my motivation was getting weaker. I am proud, I would say a lot, and even if I let one hand to convince to come back, the other could not tolerate his affectionate behaviors towards other girls, starting with Tara, of course, but also with Isabellae last but not least with Gobbat clear. So if you do not lose this one and, at the end, I definitely demotivated. Then he entered the game with his courtship and Alessio .. the games are aimed at the end.

The former speaks of corteggiatrice controversy involving her and The Pitch:

Attitude is not correct, but simply dictated by the heart, I assure you. No matter what people think, but really I came back for him, knowing what I was going to meet. That is why the biggest disappointment was how my reaction. It was not my revenge against him, I was just confused, angry and bitter and however I still do not understand his change of direction. Well, a few questions I got it and I had some suspicions, but come this far better to keep them for me. His reaction to my outburst, then blacken me and everything I had done until then, was the perfect ending to a story that began badly.
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Francesca Pierini again against Alessio The Pitch
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