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 Hot shots in the film Nargis Nagar scandalous

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PostSubject: Hot shots in the film Nargis Nagar scandalous   Hot shots in the film Nargis Nagar scandalous Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 4:19 pm

[size=18]Hot shots in the film Nargis Nagar scandalous 10122011-95a9c
Raised the Moroccan film "Ashqh from the countryside," and participating in the official competition of the International Film Festival which closes on the tenth of December in Marrakech, a storm of criticism, which accused him of weakness and mediocrity and obscenity, and that he lacks all the elements of artistic creativity that allows him to compete in the official competition for a the largest film festivals in the world, citing Arab Net.

He said critics of the filmmakers that this film, directed by Nargis-Najjar, displays of goods corrupt contribute to the distortion of Moroccan cinema, to be adopted to target the dignity of women, and guaranteed daring redundant and raise the free speech obscene, claiming that it purports to break the taboos of social, breaking the constraints on freedom in the cinema.

It is worth mentioning that the Nargis-Najjar, dubbed Balmkhrjh "rebel" or Ines El Morocco, has already sparked controversy also has out of the film "dry eyes" and "Stand Up, O Morocco," due to be addressed in a way, seen as scandalous to some of the taboos of social relating by Moroccan women.

It tells the film "Ashqh from the countryside," a production of Morocco - Belgian - and a Frenchman, in the rural north of the country, known as self-esteem men and women, and their courage and their crucial role in the fight against Spanish colonialism to the region, and after that the selected director same area of ​​the Atlas Mountains, a place for the events of her Previous "dry eyes".

It tells the tape, according to the summary official of the film presented in the International Festival of Marrakech, the story of the girl "verse," a beautiful young woman with a personal naive sometimes, and rebel in most of the time, and the dream love fantasy overrun, and living amid the rolls of hashish, Vhqiqaha working for the "Baron" One of the largest drug lords, but her life changed when her older brother threw her into the arms of the baron, against a piece of land for the cultivation of drugs. "

The director Nargis Nagar that she had tried, through her new film "Ashqh the countryside", to reveal to the public manifestation of many of the harsh reality experienced by women in rural areas with high prevalence of drug cultivation, and also highlights the hopes that growing up at times and fade altogether, and pains that break ambitions Cktha the solid.

And turned the carpenter's novel "Women in silence" for her mother, novelist precious Sibai, who writes in French, this action film, which met with resentment and clear to the Moroccan public, which left many viewers forced the hall while the tape in the competition for the grand prize of the Festival Marrakech, because of what they saw as that contained a large amount of hot scenes and vulgar dialogues.

For his part, saw the film critic Mustafa Almsenawi, that the film does not contain the minimum standards cinema, in the form and content, which makes him worthy to participate in the official competition of the Festival of Marrakech, and the construction narrative of the bar is weak and is strong technically, as it is rigid is not mobile, does not give the impression that he progresses towards any particular direction.

The Almsenawi that the film "Ashqh rural" insulting film of women and also the body of men in some scenes, as it puts dark glasses bleak furnished with the fate of his heroes and his characters, as the end of the paths their lives have been disastrous and tragic, ranging from murder, imprisonment and suicide.

This view is shared also by Ahmad Sagelmasa, film critic, who said that "Ashqh of the countryside" bar left a bad impression among the public of Morocco and Marrakech in particular, because of the contents of the Hot Shots, and numerous exciting free and exaggerated, and dialogues despicable and vulgar, persisting that this film is full of negative psychological contract that reflected in its wire-Najjar that.

Sagelmasa highlighted that many critics considered his film just a corrupt and shoddy goods harm to Moroccan cinema, noting that Mkhrjtah Nargis Nagar failed to address the audience directly after displaying her in Marrakech, due to the great discontent of the scenes that fill the odd film.

And about what is being said that director Nargis Nagar rebel art in its own way through the achievement of such a sample of the film, said film critic Mustafa student that the insurgency that's not based on the foundations of cultural and civilizational connection with reality real Moroccans and Bosalthm and dignity, not merely a rebellion film a failure and rejected all standards.
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Hot shots in the film Nargis Nagar scandalous
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