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 Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily

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Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily  Empty
PostSubject: Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily    Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily  Icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 11:34 pm

Do not deny that there are traders and workers in the food industry who are working honestly, but there are also vendors, merchants and even shops are known, compete on the most effective tricks of fraud in the food Esthwhit «my» fake!
«Wash Had eggs Kranti??», Asking «Hashemi» 52 years old, a merchant in one shop the market "Bayada" Street Mohammed VI in Casablanca, for his goods from the eggs, which may slip between the Dzinth some eggs "municipalities" Amochocat, How many times embarrassed «Hashemi »before Zbnaúh and bear the brunt of fraud was not committed, when complaining of them he found the white« turkey »between a dozen eggs« Municipal »!! charge hard to believe on where it was, but« Hashemi », who spent more than 34 years in the field of trade in eggs, aware that the conversion of white «turkey», to «my» easy as it was, just enough layering white "turkey" water "bleach" or "water cutter," for hours until pale oblique towards the yellowish and becomes white completely, to be sold as a white " my "to benefit the seller of the price difference between the two!!
Food blends serious
Material milk is the most food vulnerable to fraud confirms Haj Hassan, 58, owner of a series «Mahlebatt» Casablanca, besides the traditional methods of mixing milk and milk with water, turn some of the shopkeepers other way difficult to detect as the baptized to put powder milk Algerian-made, cheap quality, in milk and yogurt.
Butter is also exposed to a subtle way in the fraud adds Haj Hassan Besides mixing butter "turkeys" learned from the elements of vegetable butter, "municipal" high price, it has become some of the vendors resort boiled mixed toothpaste potatoes and then put loads of salt, milk, or put a quantity of butter in bowl of milk for a period of more than a week, until the butter absorbs the milk and the taste is changing and becoming more like butter «municipality»!! 0
The same method is followed with the honey that is sold, often, markets popular, as they are making the type of honey by the wax is added to it some honey bad so that the deception was successful, so are placed sheets white wax inside the cells of the bee-keeping which is the creation of holes in this sheet in order to the ovary, these plates are used later to camouflage after the form of "Shahd", then put pieces of "saw" the wax of this alternative are small, hurt by the artificial honey is sold in shops, and consumed with wax, by the customers as a natural honey 0
No situation is quite different inside the bakery and catering companies concerts, Ayyoub young thirties and a graduate of the Institute of Hospitality in Mohammedia, a genuine experience of almost seven years in the field of confectionery, disclose methods of fraudulent inspected: «In addition to fraud in amounts that attend the types of bread contest some of the bakeries ways others to cheat, sometimes dangerous, as is added materials are not for direct consumption in some products, such as stuffing beans "beans" inside the candy "heel suede" instead of almonds, or filler beans in Candy «Brioh» in order to minimize the budget preparation »declares Ayoub 0
However, the worse ways to cheat that are spice shops, on the grounds that the spices that are sold in this store are, most of the confusion. Some "spice" do not hesitate to add flour to powder "Althmirh" before dyeing by a red dye used in coloring the carpet, other material is painted, although they are sold the price is very high, it comes with saffron, which is sold at 25 dirhams per gram. Some perfume baptized a way extremely savvy of fraud in this article and is done through a dye yarns sorghum, like saffron to a large extent, by the colorful diet with a similar color to this article, before you spray it smell like the smell of saffron, made specifically for this purpose! 0
Olive is also subject to fraud, especially the black of it, as to leave large amounts of olive normal period of time the cold until tender, and was mixed with black Besbagh food, but revealed «enough to touch this kind of olives as they remain attached to the effects of black fingers!» Ayoub adds 0
Avrna for ripening fruit!
Other plant food was not free of fraud to raise the price. This includes fruit in the forefront of oranges and bananas, as Unscrupulous traders to put oranges, which are not yet mature, in the oven for a short period, in order to ripening and sell it when it does not have the orange is available, which will bring the profit margin, but the quality of the oranges, which appear the effects of burns well be modest, in the area and exactly Bernoussi density resides in the neighborhood of this type of Alavrna specialist in the ripening fruit, which receives daily hundreds of kilograms of roasted bananas to 0
The same method is followed with a type of banana known as the "banana Dakar," which is imported from sub-Saharan Africa, as it is cooked before picking, forcing the wholesale fruit dealers to put kiln before selling it. On the other hand turn some traders to the use of dangerous chemicals in order to maturing vegetables such as tomatoes are too much in markets of Morocco, where the stresses Pot vendor in the wholesale market for vegetables in Casablanca that «traders incur significant losses as a result some of that sprinkled with powdered sulfur, which explains the presence of amounts large tomatoes withered and red both in the wholesale market or markets in installments »0
Mafias specialized in the sale of carrion!
Products of animal remains more vulnerable to consumer fraud most insidious tricks so they look new to fool it to consumers who insist that most of them are especially red meat, fresh and modern slaughter. For fish traders to seek recovery of some quantities are sometimes thrown from the sale of wholesale markets, and after washing, freezing is re-sold after the pigmentation of the eyes by a thick pen, in order to hide the redness, which indicates the impact on obsolescence.
Preferably many Moroccans acquisition of poultry live by slaughter, thinking that they, in this way guarantee the safety and grandmother of meat but little of them Moroccans know that the chickens, which are sold in markets weekly or Bjunbat roads, forced to deal with alcohol, such as "Almahia" traditional-made, even be drugged in order to avoid her flight.
However, the red meat that is fertile ground for the worse ways to cheat, and the most dangerous to the health of consumers, smarter ways Ihtafrha some butchers who are the market weekly, as baptized some of them to slaughter ewes, and when it is offered for sale are installed headers lambs by screws out, and up investigation of fraud some butcher to thread genitalia of lambs to "Sagaút" sheep!!, the method disclosed reluctantly, Hassan 48 years old (real name), as long as he used is his colleagues, for the discharge «Sagaút» ewes, due to lack of demand has, in particular that have already reproduction!! 0
Some butchers are organized within the mafias that specializes in the purchase of carrion and livestock sick also link working relationships with the "Cassaph" specialize in this activity is prohibited, due to their direct contact breeders of livestock, who offer to buy cows and sheep dead, but a group of butchers who are inside the cities they are known Baanrafhm methods of fraud Others, including ways to make some products, particularly sausages, which is supposed to attend the use of meat chopped, while Unscrupulous butchers to grinding residues and wastes from meat, bones, grease, and resort butcher to add to "doorstep" of bread to it, as well as material color.
The security elements of the circle 35 for the security of the seven appointed district Mohammadi, has been booked in early December, the current one and a half tons of sausage were corrupt in the process of distribution to consumers, both Mohammedan and neighborhood inspired Bernoussi Mohammadi 0
There have been a raid on the store object Pkarian Khalifa, Rue 12, No. 27, where they found remnants of the slaughterhouses municipal emit unpleasant odors are in the process of decomposition, also booked a ton and a half of sausage corrupt and dyes, food is used for dyeing sausage painted red, were also booking amount of meat began worms invade, emit a very foul odor as well as the car used by the owner of the shop Partner, in the distribution, revealing the hidden face of the mafias are not interested in the quality of their extent is interested in reaching their hands into the pockets of consumers, albeit at the expense of their own pockets 0
There are also butchers resort to mixing minced meat obsolete, turning its color to black by red colored powders, which is the same method used in some fast food shops. Fraud in the red meat takes a more serious in some butcher shops and industry animal products major in Morocco, and attending some of the materials especially the "Almurtdela," of various types by grinding the remains of the meat of cows, sheep and poultry with bones with the addition of pigments and other portfolio is not without risk, that is compressed and placed in freezers at a time when you should cook on high heat.
Alcohol, in turn, did not escape fraud!!
Bars and nightclubs another aspect of the worse types of fraud, despite the high price of types of alcohol provided by, forced owners and Msero some of these clubs and bars to resort to methods of cunning in order to raise the profit margin, this is done by absorbing existing Bakninat wines luxury, by the needle penetrates the cover of the bottle Before pumping fluids other Balguenina.
He affirmed Zakaria (pseudonym), a bartender specialist in alcoholic beverages that most of the bars, especially the submerged ones, resort to the techniques of fraud in the drinks, where they are «empty bottles of the" whiskey "in part and to develop other types of lower quality, or even soft drinks or even tea, Because the color is similar to "whiskey" in contrast, is mixed with other types of liquor such as "vodka" and "Jane" water and alcoholic materials such as pure "ethanol" which constitutes a danger to the health of consumers.
Mafias supermarkets!
For a premium market laws require screening of the safety of products that offer, and the abandonment of consumables that date approaches the end of the period of validity. But this rule is sometimes violated by the directors of some of the supermarkets and their employees, when faced with another challenge related to the volume of sales and number of branch transactions compared to the market of other branches.
This explains the recourse of some managers to allow abuses is to do some working tricks fraud, in the butcher shops in some of these markets baptized butchers to hasten the sale of meat that lame-corruption, which will deprive the butcher of the monthly grant in case if you go back, in large quantities to excellent storage market.
Rule also applies to some food that is rumored to the House of Commons that they do not become obsolete, such as eggs, which was set for expiry by the distributors, but there are some supermarkets that deliberately to sell it to stores in order to quick meals cooked and presented to consumers. This also includes food products such as milk cans and materials, which specializes mafias has merchants Bagtnaúha Bothmna low wholesale markets are excellent, and re-sold in the shops.
These are tricks and other notable aspect of the iceberg, and the tip of the iceberg, are of the most intelligent, and end the rhythm pocket and the health of Moroccan consumers, in front of the absence of ongoing monitoring and periodic to the interests of hygiene

Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily  26122011-30ff8
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Fraud and fraud in the products consumed by the Moroccan daily
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