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  German President resigns from office

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 German President resigns from office Empty
PostSubject: German President resigns from office    German President resigns from office Icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 12:26 pm

 German President resigns from office 1722012-c6879

German President Christian Wulff Friday his resignation from his position, justifying his decision that he could no longer meet the internal and external functions properly because of the accusations against him, he said, adding that the potential impact of "permanently damaged".

The Wolf (52 years) that the President must have the confidence of the majority of citizens.

And until the election of a new president, the current President of the Council of States (Bondsrat) Horst Seehofer functions as head of state.

Plans to the ruling coalition, which includes the Christian Coalition belonging to Chancellor Angela Merkel and the FDP, take a quick decision on the Khalifa Wolf.

And learned the German news agency that Merkel intends to conduct consultations in this regard on Saturday with Seehofer (who is also chairman of the state government of Bavaria in southern Germany as well as to the Presidency of the Bavarian Christian Social Party) and President of Liberal Democratic Party, Philip Roessler.

Wolf announced his resignation and in a personal statement made by the Presidential Palace at the "Bellevue" in Berlin, accompanied by his wife patina.

The move, which was largely expected after prosecutors claim in the country on Thursday to lift the immunity of the President against the backdrop of media reports about his relations Bmsttmaren wealthy in particular, where he faced several charges that he accepted preferential treatment on his part.

The Wolf in the statement his conviction that the future legal clarification of the charges against him would lead to his acquittal.

Wolf said that he always acted properly during his official positions in the state and he was always straight, adding that he felt insulted and his wife patina of media reports published during the past two months with him.

Faces Wolf sharp criticism for several weeks because of his investors wealthy in particular, where he faced charges of several that before preferential treatment for their part, including access to loans, benefits and spend holidays with and hold it with financial transactions during the period of his presidency of the state government of Lower Saxony between 2003 and , 2010.

It should be noted that Wolf is the second in two years, German President leaves office before the expiration of his term, where he was scheduled to end his term in 2015, after he took office in 2010.

The former German President Horst Koehler resigned from office unexpectedly in May / May 2010 after internal criticism made against him on the back of his remarks on the task of German troops in Afghanistan.

The names of candidates to succeed Wolf, German Defense Minister Thomas de Mesar and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, Labor Secretary Ursula von der Lane and head of the German Parliament Norbert Lammert, Minister of Environment Previous Klaus Töpfer, and rival, former Wolf for the presidency Joachim Kauk and the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Andreas Ovskolh.
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German President resigns from office
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