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 Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports

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Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Empty
PostSubject: Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports   Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 10:25 pm

Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports 1022012-27bdf

Has followed national public opinion with great interest policy measure sports for a variety of sports facilities and the stimulus that was brought by the minister ended his fair Belkhayat which demonstrated clearly the so-called centers socio sports, near where the goal of which, according to the owners of the idea to broaden the base of practitioners of sports activities by establishing centers respond to the expectations of citizens especially with the tide of urban, which is not matched by the establishment of spaces and sports booster. In the absence of such services, the cities turned into fortresses of concrete lacks the spirit and life. With this noble objective emerged strongly the idea of ​​the construction of sports facilities and entertainment that will ease the pressure on the population daily, especially if the facilities envisaged in the policy of proximity to all the psychological and social dimensions. But when it comes to Moroccan model, often going on this policy many of the imbalances of all kinds of structural and functional. Administrative corruption that you know these institutions became the overflow to the surface, especially after the fiery statements launched by a senior official at the Ministry of Youth and Sport for those institutions such as the budget established by the centers and how to manage. And attempt to uncover some truth about these practices we went to the center socio-athlete to near Moulay Hassan Bbnsleyman not far from the capital Rabat only tens of kilometers, and also to be considered one of the most important centers benediction with great interest by officials in the ministry and given the number of those involved in this center, which exceeded 800 subscribers. This center which is located on an area of ​​5000 square meters of hall space and multi-disciplinary youth and another for children and a playground equipped with artificial grass, and administrative and social facilities, a budget exceeded 3 million and a half dirhams. The Athletic Association, organizers chaired by the Director of the Center of the latter considered by many as a ghost employee. Ever since he was appointed a in the complete absence of the institution so as not to attend only four or five hours a week Fanfradha the association and fabricated for the Office Almsier provide a list of the aperture, Voklt Secretariat of the money for the writer role is to sign the checks only, while the disbursement of expenses and the performance of the duty of the currency, Valmderh are cost so As for the book pitch Voklth for a currency, and to declare explicitly in the blackboard deployment status by making it is solely responsible for this process scissor so sports administrator, or any other employee, because of going on the process of their suspicions and the excesses of financial and administrative serious it should be noted that the artificial grass pitch equipped with a state of deplorable note that the launch of the pitch did not pass him only a year and a half, and equipped the company that gave assurances that expired more than 10 years, the question is who is responsible for signing deals with such companies? It is the beneficiary of these deals? Let alone turn a blind eye for a staff ghost (k. X) against three currency Osarh provide the service the home of the Director, as well as loyalty to its full, they start to interfere in everything, even though they are not readily diplomas qualify them for this, but are not readily certificate primary and rather certificates and diplomas administrative , where assigned to one of these three framing children in football and basketball. To ask only one question about the quality of supervision within these institutions in light of the marginalization of real competencies. It must be recalled that the ministry is available on the Institute of Geert institutes in Africa in the field of sports and cultural revitalization. (Institute of Moulay Rachid Palmamorh). The duty book pitch which is the most expensive tariff at the national level, up to 250.00 dirhams per hour, without reaching the team benefits from the pitch in any reached proves the number of hours booked nor any administrative document, to also highlights the question free public services, as well as the policy of proximity, which was established for which these institutions. And with respect to insurance have been many of those involved in accidents are not compensated by the pretext that they were included in the framework of a collective, while the engagement is individually. As well as the method of financial management of these institutions.

The reality of today's socio-sports centers near the poses become more of question marks about who is behind this administrative and financial corruption that you know these institutions, and who benefits from it. At a time when the people raised slogans against corruption and tyranny in all its forms and Theloinath.
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Scandals chilling, so leave Belkhayat the Islamists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports
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