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 Europe harvested fish Morocco lowest prices

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PostSubject: Europe harvested fish Morocco lowest prices   Europe harvested fish Morocco lowest prices Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 8:02 pm

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Varied the positions of experts and economic analysts on the feasibility of signing expected on a new agreement for fishing between Morocco and the European Union, some of whom saw significant opportunities for profit reaped by the country of this Convention, while others considered that ratified a fatal blow to the fishing sector in the country, and what can be generated services and local investments to many villages and small towns the coast.

And looking forward to a wide range of people interested in fishing the reaction of the Moroccan government about the calls recently, especially by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who asked to initiate immediate negotiations with Morocco on the fate of the Convention on fishing, which has stirred up controversy outrage when he rejected the European Parliament, a few weeks ago, extension of the Protocol's annual fishing between Morocco and the EU.

Development of coastal villages

The economist said Omar Kettani said Morocco had already signed the Convention on fishing repeatedly under pressure from the European Union, and in order to win the support of political and diplomatic in the Sahara conflict, or at least ensure impartiality in this case who built a long time between Morocco and the Polisario and Algeria.

He stressed Kettani, told the "Arab. Net", that should have been on the Moroccan government is clinging to the position of denial about the signing of the Convention on fishing with the European Union, as long as the rejection of the extension came from the Europeans themselves, he said, adding that the lack of acceptance of that Convention by Morocco would be useful for the country economically and socially, on more than one interface.

He explained that there are several small towns and villages along the shores of coastal living on incomes of the fishing sector only, and Morocco can strengthen these villages that are available on the minimum qualifications of the activity of fishing, which makes the local economy is based on investments associated with the fishing sea.

He continued that the draft Kettani development of these villages to stop migration from the countryside to the cities, as the fishing activity is then driven by the main engine of investment in various services in these villages, as it will provide significant opportunities for employment for young people.

Looted goods

He criticized Kettani what he called grant resources of the country to others, in reference to the open beaches of Morocco to the Europeans to exploit the wealth of fish free of charge a large, stressing that Morocco must embrace maritime activity, and helps fishermen and people with occupations sea processing, to be added value to the villages contribute to the development of services and projects, medical and health, social, cultural, and entertainment.

He said he does not understand the short-sighted officials in a sea fishing, wondering why the government can not say "no" to the European Union in this area specifically, as if suffering from an inferiority complex about these European countries that come to loot the wealth of fish for the country at low prices.

And went on linen "must be a priority to issues of local social, including the contribution of the fishing sector in reducing unemployment over 2 million people came in, mostly from the villages marginalized groups, which, if known to Morocco How to arrange a fishing with the European Union, developed the capacity of these villages and their economic potential to what is best for the country. "

Gains and losses

For his part, an expert in the number of fishing Mohammed Naji many opportunities that are profitable and vital important for Morocco when deciding to renew the fishing agreement with the European Union, and the benefit of the mass marketing of fishery products and agricultural project thanks to trade liberalization.

The survivor that Morocco will benefit financially and politically, of the Convention on fishing with the European Union, where it is the political side to allow European boats to exploit marine resources in the southern coasts of the implicit recognition of an important party to the European Morocco's sovereignty over those territories.

He added that in the financial side, get on the incomes of Morocco an important material of about 36 million euros per year, or about 396 million dirhams, which supports the state treasury, which invests the proceeds in the agricultural and commercial investments that benefit the national economy directly or indirectly.

He pointed out that a survivor of the biggest cons of the Convention on fishing with the European Union, is to dispel the fish stocks of the country, sometimes as a result of over-exploitation of fish resources from the presence of European industrial fishing vessels, which sometimes practices harm the environment and marine resources.
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Europe harvested fish Morocco lowest prices
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