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 Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX

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Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX Empty
PostSubject: Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX   Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 6:51 pm

Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX Image0041
MAX, on newsstands and on iPad from Thursday, March 1, anticipates some pictures of the campaign Agent Provocateur Emmanuelle inspired, retro icon of eroticism and soft that resists time.

Emmanuelle The disturbing of these pages is the actress Mylène Jampanoï (Hereafter, 36 Quai des Orfevres, Gainsbourg: héroïque way). A beautiful mixed, suitable to embody, again, the icon of the past. French nationality, charm and cockiness, and velvet eyes, elongated, Eastern: Well, my mother, one evening, he decided to woo the Chinese guy in the restaurant, and here I am, she explains.
Behind the phenomenon Emmanuelle, erotic books from the 33 films 'original' in 30 years, we have the smell of spices, distant places, a mischievous game of identification and, above all, the writer Marayat Bibidh, who called Emmanuelle Arsan (and little whether then writing the books was her husband). Also behind the photos on these pages we have hands, brains and emotional women. Woman is the great puppeteer, aka the creative director of Agent Provocateur Sarah Shotton. Donna is also the director of the campaign, Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley.

We wanted to achieve a softly erotic, explains Shotton. Even so Jordan has used the same techniques of recovery of the seventies. Coated, French, soft: the atmosphere of this film, then, between pearl necklaces, languid notes, vestagliette tendon and constantly moved by a breeze unlikely. This atmosphere of the campaign Agent Provocateur.
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Mylène Jampanoï for Agent Provocateur to MAX
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