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 Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend

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Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend Empty
PostSubject: Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend   Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 6:54 pm

Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend LauraPausiniePaoloCartanondiventerannogenitori
Laura Pausini no secret of being completely overwhelmed by the love and passion for her boyfriend Paul paper that follows on tour, the singer admits it clear that if he did not follow her to give up his tour (not a very professional statement her) but this makes us able to understand that infatuation you have:

Love is ... love. Overwhelms you. We thought well, but not for long because it was too strong that we felt for each other. We are convinced that it was really "love". And with the feeling that binds us has arrived for all the people we love. Paul has built a special bond with my family and I madly love her children.
Now the two are together at work and private life:

Yes, I'm lucky to be able to share every moment of life with him is a privilege and a joy that is renewed every day. I need a "presence", if Paul could not stay on tour with me, maybe I would give up traveling for so long. When we are away, after a few days, I feel a total lack, deep, unbearable. Do not you also do a title on my desire to become pregnant! He wrote very foolishly. I repeat what I say ad nauseam by now: I am a determined person. If I had wanted a son, maybe I would have already had. When the time comes, I will.
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Laura Pausini heels in love of her boyfriend
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