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 Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry

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Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry Empty
PostSubject: Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry   Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry Icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 6:43 am

Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry Raffaella-Fico-rifiuta-Balotelli-non-lo-vuole-sposare-638x425
Will that Balotelli was the protagonist of yet another prank from becoming spoiled kid caught outside a strip club a few hours of an impending big game but the fact is that in a recent interview with Raffaella Fico said it has no plans at present to get married because he believes that for this there is still time for which it seems that Fico has clear ideas despite Balotelli is one of the men most wanted right now will not commit to such an extent that perhaps irreparable, and take risks even though he has also dedicated a goal with a lot of t-shirt in which he told her he loved her.

It is soon to marry, we are still very young. It is fitting that the first one is realized in their work. And then why not, you can also think. When you're young to do something crazy happens, then there is. However, the British tabloids are totally hardcore about his private life when it should then become more interested in what he does on the field. He does not do things maliciously, but when you're young, you do certain things without stopping to think whether they are right or wrong. Mario has the objectives fixed on him more for his private life as a player. For me, it can also go to a strip club, if he does nothing wrong, with friends, but I have to say that the end always comes back to me, are his favorite.

But Fico has said also that he can attend all of the strippers who just prefer that then returns to her: that romantic and modern woman!
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Raffaella Fico Balotelli does not want to marry
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