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 Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined

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Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined Empty
PostSubject: Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined   Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 2:41 pm

Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined C_2_fotogallery_1008132__ImageGallery__imageGalleryItem_5_image

There is little to do in Italy are always those who should lead by example instead of giving the example opposite, and so it happens that Nicole Minetti, regional adviser (unfortunately) parked mistake when he gets smart and so beautiful a misdemeanor, the Smart was parked on the sidewalk but you think, like any citizen of rude words. The beautiful Minetti was in a pizzeria with his assistant Luca Pedrini and while she enjoyed was taking a penalty.

The Minetti, as adviser, has its beautiful facilities as regards the parking lot, since his car stands out a coupon that allows free parking in all urban areas of relevance, including spaces, blue and yellow but perhaps you will have that with the cold these days could even afford to park a stone's throw from the pizza, never had to "dare" to walk a little walk to his car as so many mere mortals.

Dressed in slacks aderentissimi blacks highlighting its enviable silhouette, fur and sheepskin ankle with short, left the restaurant with the cap on her head covering her face partly. Annoyed by the presence of photographers has missed the small faces, and then he holed up in his little Smart. It must have been for the embarrassment caused by his fault or halt the bitter cold?
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Nicole Minetti park badly and is fined
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